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Procurement intelligence pioneer Beroe Inc is certified as a Great Place to Work®

Source: Great Place to Work

Holly Springs, NC, Feb 28 – Beroe Inc, a leading provider of market intelligence to procurement professionals around the world, has been named one of the best places to work in India based on the company's work culture, entrepreneurial spirit and employee friendly policies.

For an organization to get certified, 70 percent or more of its employee respondents should rate the organization as a great workplace and its people practices should be rated 2.5 or more on a 5 point scale.

Employees are the most valuable asset for Beroe and the leadership team has ensured that they are given the utmost liberty to excel in their work by following the motto “Freedom to Focus”. And for their part, the employees – an overwhelming majority of whom are millennials – have reposed their faith in the company through the survey.

For employees, Freedom to Focus entails removing all impediments that come in the way of delivering value to our clients. By removing such impediments – be it redundant processes or systems – Beroe employees have the freedom to draw on wealth of resources that will help them build deep expertise in their respective procurement categories.

By continuously engaging with a network of suppliers and experts, employees spend less time on non-value adding activities and more time on solving unique client problems, which also helps enrich their respective careers.

“The Great Place to Work certification reflects how much employees value Beroe – as the ranking is purely based on their feedback alone. We believe this recognition gives us an opportunity to not only retain but also attract new talent to join our endeavor in creating advantage to our clients,” said Anand Narayanan, Head of Human & Brand Capital of Beroe Inc.

The company arranges for regular fitness session for all its employees to keep them fit and healthy. It also encourages them to participate in sporting events and promotes a culturally vibrant environment through regular “Fun at Work” activities.

Above all, under Beroe wellness program, women employees can avail an industry leading one year of paid maternity leave.   

The company has a formal corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, Samavesh, run and managed entirely by employee volunteers. Samavesh, which stands for “inclusion,” is an initiative by the employees of Beroe to make a positive difference to the communities.

Besides Great Place to Work certification, Beroe had also made it to a popular list of fastest growing companies in the U.S., joining the ranks of storied organizations that were featured in the past. It was featured among 5000 organizations by Inc.com, which publishes the list of America’s fastest growing companies every year.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. The institute serves businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45 countries on all six continents.

About Beroe Inc:

Beroe's unique business model involves providing market intelligence and analytics to the procurement teams of large businesses across the globe. Beroe leverages its deep domain expertise in 300 + categories across 14 industries. It boasts of more than 80 of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients.

To learn more about Beroe Inc, please visit www.beroeinc.com; https://www.beroeinc.com/beroe-live/

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