Eco-friendly bottles -- alluring yet challenging


By: Sakthi Prasad -- Content Manager

30 May, 2017

Eco-friendly bottles -- alluring yet challenging

In collaboration with Srilakshmi Saravanakumar -- Senior Lead Analyst, Paper Packaging

In North America, every year billions of plastic water bottles usually wind up in landfills, contributing to climate change, pollution, and interrupting with natural habitats and wildlife. They also release toxic chemicals as they decompose.

There is an increasing and critical need to check the carbon footprint on every bottle we consume. The good news is companies are responding to consumer demand for eco-friendly bottles.  

However, the supply landscape for eco-friendly bottles ain’t rosy yet. While the debate rages on which is greener -- Glass bottles, Plastic bottles or Aluminum cans -- there have not been many players inclined to explore eco-friendly options. Procurement teams will have to perform deep-dive analysis before opting for integrating eco-friendly bottles into their supply chains as the market is still in a nascent stage.

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Eco Friendly Bottles


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