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What is Supply Chain Design?- Meaning and Benefits

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by Beroe Inc,
29 November 2022

What is Supply Chain Design?

Supply chain design is the process of creating a plan for how resources will be acquired, stored, and used to meet demands. The goal of supply chain design is to create a system that is efficient, effective, and resilient.

Businesses must consider their customers' needs and suppliers' capabilities to improve supply chain operations

Businesses must also identify disruptions and potential risks  that could impact the supply chain. By designing a comprehensive and well-thought-out supply chain, companies can ensure that they can meet customer demands and remain competitive.

How can businesses benefit from supply chain design? 

In short, supply chain design, or SCD, enables businesses to oversee and optimize their supply chains. Other than that, the benefits include the following: 

  • Bring more value to the table for the customers

  • It helps minimize costs and get better returns

  • Aids in your business growth

  • It enables you to modify your business according to the changing needs

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