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What is Open tendering?

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by Beroe Inc,
13 December 2022

What is Open tendering?

Open tendering is a type of procurement that enables potential bidders to simultaneously submit bids on a project. In this way, the organization or government can gain a large number of bids from new or emerging suppliers, allowing it to choose the most competitive and cost-effective offer. The most common form of open tendering is known as “full and open competition” (FOC).

It means that any eligible bidder can submit a bid for the project. The government/organization may then choose the lowest bidder or award the contract to a bidder with better terms. Thus, they can also benefit from the transparency of open tendering, as it allows bidders to provide feedback on how their bids were evaluated.

A government can use open tendering in many ways. It may publish a tender notice or invitation to tender (ITT) in the local press or advertise online. The tender documents will include information on the project, such as its description, location, budget; legal requirements; and technical specifications for bidders to follow.

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