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What is Cold Chain? How Does a Cold Chain Help in procurement?

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by Beroe Inc,
4 November 2022

What is Cold Chain?

Supply chains that provide a temperature-controlled environment for storing products are known as cold chains. It is used to preserve the quality and safety of perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Cold chain storage also helps to keep products cold during transportation and storage. 

It can be referred to as a network of refrigerated warehouses, trucks, storage facilities, thermal packaging, and ships. Keeping goods at a constant, cool temperature is the key to maintaining a cold chain. 

By maintaining a cold chain, businesses can extend the shelf life of perishable goods and ensure they are safe for consumption. Apart from that, there are many benefits of using a cold chain. It can also help to maintain the safety of food and ensure the efficacy of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, using a cold chain can help reduce waste and save money. 

It also helps you protect the environment. When perishable goods spoil, they often release harmful chemicals into the air. By preventing spoilage, cold chains can help to reduce pollution and protect the planet. A cold supply chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An example of a cold chain is the transportation of food products from a farm to a grocery store. The food is kept at a cool temperature to preserve its freshness. Cold chains are highly beneficial in selective type of vaccines while their transportation.

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