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What is an RFP in procurement?

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by Beroe Inc,
19 April 2023

What is an RFP in procurement?

A Request for Proposal in procurement is a document used to obtain proposals from eligible suppliers and vendors for a particular project or business. Multiple suppliers are invited to present their proposals for the project. It creates a competitive environment and helps organizations select the appropriate supplier to fulfill their needs.

The Request for Proposal document designs the criteria based on which the supplier will be selected. Thus the evaluation process is done transparently. The request for proposal document ensures that the selected supplier is an expert in the required field and can provide timely and qualitative services.

The following is the information included in a Request for Proposal in the procurement document:

  • Information about the project and the purpose of procurement.

  • Objectives, Requirements, and deadlines.

  • Technical Specifications needed for the project

  • Criteria to be followed for evaluation

  • Instructions regarding the submission of the proposal by the suppliers

  • The terms and conditions of the organization

  • Contact information of the procurement officer.

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