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What does Sustainable Cost Savings mean?

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by Beroe Inc,
13 December 2022

What are sustainable cost savings?

Sustainable cost savings are reductions in costs that can be maintained over time. A company may achieve sustainable cost savings through various means, such as reducing its material costs, improving its manufacturing processes, or increasing its sales. 

Businesses must emphasize creating a sustainable strategic cost management system that includes a series of processes leading to long-term cost savings that creates value for your business. 

It also helps to:

  • Get in-depth knowledge of the demand and supply 

  • Learn about each task individually, whether it is associated with good cost or bad cost 

  • Enhanced visibility. 

  • Evaluate unnecessary or unfavorable tasks and helps you abandon them 

While one-time cost savings initiatives may temporarily boost profitability, sustainable cost savings lead to long-term improvements in a company's bottom line.

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