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What does Procurement Automation mean

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by Beroe Inc,
7 December 2022

What is Process Automation in Procurement?

Procurement automation in procurement is the use of technology to automate the procurement process. It can include software to automate the purchase of goods and services, electronic data interchange (EDI) to exchange purchase orders and invoices, and electronic payments to pay suppliers. Process automation can help improve the procurement process's efficiency and reduce the costs associated with procurement.

How process automation in procurement helps businesses?

  • With greater visibility into the procurement process, process automation enables businesses to find opportunities to reduce costs.

  • Minimize tail spending and ensures minimal maintenance is needed from your end 

  • Eliminates redundant time-consuming tasks and fastens the purchase processes

  • Advanced control systems ensure maximum safety with reduced risk. 

  • It makes it easy to track and gather essential data about the procurement

  • The in-depth visibility comes with the benefit of optimizing the supply chain after regular intervals.

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