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Define Procurement?

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by Beroe Inc,
4 November 2022

What is Procurement?

The term "procurement" refers to making purchases of goods or services, usually for commercial purposes. Business procurement necessitates planning, solicitation, and payment processing, typically involving multiple departments within a company.

Depending on the demand for the procurement, procurement costs can be divided into several categories.

Most large-scale procurement procedures involving multiple bidders include competitive bidding. Contrary to purchasing, a transactional process, procurement follows a strategic approach.

Here are a few types of the procurement: 

  • Direct Procurement: Any products and services used during the production process are included in this type of procurement. It covers equipment, raw materials, and other elements.

  • Indirect Procurement: These purchases are made to fulfil a company's operational requirements with goods and services.

  • Services Procurement: The procurement of services can be either direct or indirect, just like the procurement of goods. Both depend on the services rendered by people. Labor directly involved in the business may be referred to as direct services procurement. The procurement of indirect services may include things like on-site security to protect the property.

  • Goods Procurement: Any tangible goods companies purchase to meet their needs through the procurement process. It can be either direct or indirect, for example, through office supplies or raw materials.

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