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Category Scan: Supplier Market Innovations and Updates

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by Beroe Inc.
13 February 2019

Global Air Freight Market

Online Air freight Booking and Quotations

At the time when air freight shippers are looking for convenience, reliability, and cost, DHL global forwarding division has launched online freight quotation and booking platform. This platform provides real-time air freight quotation for shipments up to 2,000 kg/shipment and covering up to 40 destinations.

Booking platform allows the service through DHL’s Air Connect and Air Economy Products, where the shippers have the options to select the cost based on the transit time. New technological platform launch from DHL provides customers with competitive rates and provides transparency of the shipment through e-tool and the ability for customers to track their shipments.

Digital Cargo Booking Gains Ground

Lufthansa stands out as an early adaptor of technology, recently company has signed deal with cargo.one, flash express product, and td.pro, which allows the buyers to book Lufthansa available capacity in real-time, and shippers are beginning to realize the potential benefits acquired during the last one year.

Alongside, this company also partnered with Freightos, where Lufthansa Application programming interface connects with Freightos web cargo to book cargo in real time at contracted rates.

More Investment in Online Air Freight Market Place

Lufthansa has invested in Fleet Inc, an online market place. The online freight market place is expected to support airlines and freight forwarders to match up to the demand and available freight capacity. With the investment in the technology, Lufthansa is committed to lifting the air freight industry to a superior digital maturity.

Such a platform is expected to support a medium-sized shipper with volume of 5–100+ shipments/month to save $30,000 and 800 hours annually by reducing the time spent in getting quotes, setting up accounts, managing paperwork and checking on the shipment status.

Europe’s Smaller Airport Growing Attraction

With improved attraction to smaller airports in the European region, air freight forwarders are starting to invest and lease warehouse spaces in the smaller airports in Europe. Recently, Kuehne + Nagel has announced it would lease warehouse facility in the Budapest airport.

Hungarian hub expected to serve freight forwarders with connection of all-cargo carriers, such as Cargolux, Turkish Cargo, and Qatar Airways Cargo, as well as belly cargo operations to the destinations of New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia as well as Toronto in Canada, to Budapest, offering capacity of up to 10 tons on each flight.

Joint Venture for Transpacific Routes

Delta Cargo and Korean Air Cargo have launched a joint-venture partnership to share belly capacity and facilities in a move to match demand for trans-Pacific routes in the coming years.

New partnership will introduce Korean Air to Delta Cargo and Korean Air Cargo launch a joint-venture partnership to share belly capacity and facilities in a move to capture demand for trans-Pacific airfreight services.

While for the westbound routes, Delta Cargo and Korean Air Cargo launch a joint-venture partnership to share belly capacity and facilities in a move to capture demand for trans-Pacific airfreight services.

Real-time Cargo Tracking

Cathay Pacific Cargo is ramping up the trial of a new track and trace technology for the air freight shipments after a successful test at its home hub. Airline, along with ULD firm Unilode and tracking technology provider, OnAsset Intelligence, has tested the practicality of using wireless devices in the multi-storey, concrete surroundings of the airline's cargo terminal, which has been successful.

Now, airline will look to implement technology, which utilizes Bluetooth low-energy beacons, with actual shipments, in order to benefit the customers with operation transparency and data accuracy throughout the supply chain.

Global Construction

Smart Building Technology

Honeywell has introduced new smart building technology, which reduces operating costs, increases energy efficiency, makes the facility more connected and also improves the quality of life and safety of the buildings and their occupants. The smart building technology assigns each building a score based on the safety, productivity, overall system capability, technology assets of a green building and facility coverage.


Speedfloor is a new technology that is being used in the Indian construction industry, which has been introduced by Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. It is a technology that has been adopted from New Zealand which makes slab construction comparatively quick and hassle free. This technology helps in cost reduction and reduces the time for slab construction from three weeks to one week.

Earthquake Resistance

Taylor Devices has launched building certification which ensures earthquake resistance in buildings. Shock absorbers that are installed in the walls absorb almost 60 percent of the impact caused on the building during an earthquake.

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