Trends In Organic Ingredient in Personal Care Products


By: Shoubhik Roy --

12 November, 2014

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Trends In Organic Ingredient in Personal Care Products

Cosmetics industry were among one of the many that profited from the petroleum boom witnessed last decade. Chemicals developed from petroleum feedstock were instrumental in providing key properties that later set the foundation for active ingredients within the cosmetic segment. Positive results from the product use along with well-rounded marketing helped propel cosmetics into fast growing segment with tremendous market potential. All of which were made possible by understating the concerns of sustainability and eco-friendliness involved with its ingredients. Fast forward to 21st century, the demand for cosmetics remain at an all-time high with cosmetic products penetrating emerging markets that are often populated with highly aware and educated consumers. The onset of 21st century has not only opened up new markets for cosmetics but also highlighted the growing need for sustainability and ecological concerns involving these active cosmetic ingredients. While sustainability issues were often a concern of ingredient suppliers in the past, recent trends show that savvier customers play an equally important role in stressing the need for sustainability in their products thus becoming a key driver towards innovation within this segment. Hence, this article wishes to touch upon the driving trends in the cosmetics that is directing it towards the growing need for active ingredients that are organic as well as sustainable on its production side. �Introduction To many people, cosmetics and sustainability are words that do not go hand in hand with each other. Concerns related to sustainability have always been directed towards sectors that are more critical than personal care products. Resources of our planet, according to many, should be directed to more significant products than cosmetics. Over the past decades we have seen the prices of oil; minerals and agricultural commodities rise beyond our wildest expectations. These changes have also triggered riots and protests related to food inflation, showing us that they affect the functioning dynamics of the society as well. However, personal care product including cosmetics have been and shall continue to be an integral part of our human society.   Author: Shoubhik Roy


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