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Trends and Innovations in Paper and board Industry

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by Isha Verma
28 September 2015

Packaging is a fundamental part of any brand and the protection/sales/reach to consumers depends on this important factor. While the packaging industry is continuing to develop new products, paper and board packaging may remain a top packaging choice for companies due to its green image and other environmental benefits it offers. Paper and board packaging has been a unique and cost efficient means to preserve, protect and transport different variety of items. It is generally made to be durable, protect the product and is customized to meet customer needs/catch their eyes too. The upcoming technologies in this industry will make paper and board become even more competitive compared to other forms of packaging. The paper packaging segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4-5% from 2015-2019, and innovation will be key to success here. There are a lot of happenings off late in the paper and board segment, across various topics ranging from market dynamics to technological innovations to new opportunities and shift of negotiation power from a seller to a buyer that every procurement manager should take note of. Some of the key points in the industry currently are as below: 1) The global demand for paper and paperboard continues to grow, however at a much slower rate than what was expected earlier. This is because of the slowing down of the biggest consumer - China 2) The industry growth is shifting outside traditional supply areas, especially to Asia and increasingly to China. But oversupply situation is not far away there 3) The industry remains fragmented, especially in Asia. Acquisitions have become an important driver of corporate growth 4) Traditional supply sources are in search of new markets for their produce. Manufacturers in some countries are often facing problems with Anti-dumping duties and other such levies. This is very common especially in the paper market.   Author: Isha Verma

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