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Transformation to the next generation of Shared Services organizations

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by Ajith R
12 November 2014

The advent of shared services centers have necessitated the consolidation and standardization of monotonous transactional activities in the global fortune 500 companies of the world. The mature early adopters gained momentum by rooting their centers from the developing countries from APAC and this drove the endeavor to successful heights. If cost reduction drove the initiatives initially, the experts and pioneers currently have predicted saturation from all fronts. Henceforth the market will see quality and standards as the next seminal objectives that have to be coincided. The processes have become quicker, smoother and are saving more in terms of cost. To consolidate and improve continuously, a Global business services setting is the up- gradation the pioneers should look forward moving into. The transformation from a scattered-shared-services-setting to a Global Business services environment is going to move the market enormously. Introduction APAC countries paid onus and welcome to outsourcing transactional processes from all over the world.� As immense amount of data started flowing in and out from these offshore locations, pioneers and experts saw the scope and possibility for continuous improvement in business dormant and available. Shared services provided platform for consolidation and standardization of business data which in turn was immensely capable of driving quality and success, cost reduction and savings remained important and flowing in.   Author: Ajith R

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