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Discovery Toxicology Services

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by Meenakshi L
25 September 2013

Toxicology the study of poisons, determines whether a drug can be used on humans. Almost 30% of clinical trials attritions are attributed to toxicological profile of the molecule. The patent cliff, drying pipelines are driving the fail early, fail safe practices in drug development process. One such measure is discovery toxicology also referred to as exploratory toxicology. Discovery toxicology involves determining the toxicology as well as safety pharmacology profiles of the molecule, during the discovery stage (before lead optimization). It involves both in vitro as well as in vivo testing as well as predictive modelling. Discovery toxicology, hitherto considered core, is being outsourced by the large pharma in bits and pieces owing to lack of efficiency in-house. Service providers, on the other hand, are preparing themselves in both capabilities and capacities to meet this demand.

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