TAPI - A ray of hope for Indian Natural Gas Market


By: Mithilesh Rautela --

12 November, 2014

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TAPI - A ray of hope for Indian Natural Gas Market

Demand for Energy resources is expected to grow with time. And with natural gas being touted as the fuel of the 21st century, it is expected to witness the fastest growth rate with respect to demand. The TAPI project has been there for the past 20 years and the pipeline has significant potential for improving energy security in India. However, with economic and security concerns there remain concerns on whether challenges like pricing, gas certification, funding and security would be addressed successfully.� It would provide a cheaper alternative to India in terms of gas and planning, execution and operation would provide new business opportunities in India. There remains no doubt that the TAPI gas pipeline will be of great relief for our energy starved economy. TAPI is expected to start delivering gas at Fazulka Punjab in India by mid of 2017. This article focuses on the challenges and opportunities the TAPI gas pipeline faces in the coming years and what the future holds for end users in India. Energy has been always from the beginning the backbone for any nation's growth in this world. In the past century crude oil was the global fuel for the world. However, with the advent of natural gas as a green fuel the limelight has shifted from crude oil to natural gas.   Author: Mithilesh Rautela


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