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Sporting Events - Bane or Boon to the Staffing Industry

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by K Radha Krishna Vinay Kumar
12 November 2014

Staffing Industry has seen a quick change whenever a sporting event has happened as many job opportunities will be created because of the event. The bigger the reputation of the event, the major the change can be observed. One of the emerging nations, Brazil will be hosting the Olympics in 2016. This article analyzes the impact of 2008 & 2012 Olympics on staffing in hosting nations China & UK and estimates the impact in Brazil. This article also recommends certain important aspects companies should take into consideration during these events. Introduction Staffing market has been influenced by the sporting events in the past and the same can be observed in the future. Hosting these events will act as a catalyst in urban development and also the job creation. Skill development and wage rate increase are viewed as the positive outcomes of these events. The other major positive outcome is the increase in the trade between host nation and rest of the world. Through the following sections we shall see how China and UK have been impacted on hosting the Olympics.   Author: K Radha Krishna Vinay Kumar

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