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ShopAdvisor Making Proximity Marketing Personal

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by shopAdvisor,Inc.
1 January 2017

The shift has redefined the shopper-merchant paradigm, firmly placing consumers in the driver’s seat with once unimaginable choice and pricing transparency at their fingertips.

As shoppers increasingly conduct the business of their lives on their mobile devices —from paying bills and reading news to shopping for goods —they’re warming up to sharing their information with retailers and brands in exchange for personalized offers.

But just as mobile has unearthed a prime opportunity for retailers to reach shoppers around the clock at their precise moments of need, merchants are competing with a connected and fragmented consumer mindshare.

To break through the digital clutter, forward-thinking merchants are taking personalized messaging to new heights. They are tapping mobile proximity marketing campaigns built from shopper intelligence, product intelligence and contextual intelligence designed to deliver curated, customized messages to a single shopper in sync with their mobile, online and in-store shopping journey.

By accessing rich, granular shopper data that goes beyond generic signals, like gender and age, merchants are now customizing mobile proximity marketing campaigns for millions of audiences of one.

So for retailers, sending shoppers personalized content at their precise moment of relevance and need boosts sales. According to the Google report, Micro Moments: Your Guide to Winning The Shift to Mobile5, as many as one in three smartphone users have purchased from a company or brand other than the one they planned on due to information provided at their time of need.

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