Self-Chilled Beverage Cans- Future of the Beverage Market?


By: Arjun Parasuram --

23 April, 2012

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Self-Chilled Beverage Cans- Future of the Beverage Market?

Joseph Company, a privately owned beverage company in the United States of America, invented a new Self Chilling Can in February 2012. The new can cools the contents without need for refrigeration and eliminates the use for CFCs for cooling. This new system can be used with a standard metal can, is environment friendly and does not have a huge incremental switching cost. Also, the metal can market is expected to lose 1% of its market share by value to its substitute paperboard market globally in 2013, mainly due to the increasing acceptance of these paperboard substitutes and sustainability initiatives of the consumer conglomerates. Consequently, the metallic can manufacturers are looking for new innovations to revive demand globally. Could this be that innovation? This article throws light on the procurement advantages of this new innovation, the acceptance of this technology across the globe, and the impact of this invention on the supply chain. The article also gives a perspective on what metallic can manufacturers can look forward to in the immediate future.


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