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Revolutionizing the SD-WAN Game with smartBranch

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1 January 2017

As businesses grow across various geographical locations, new sites need to be added to their corporate network. This poses a challenge when enterprises need to add multiple locations to the network and they have to rely on traditional hardware-based networking. For starters, traditional WANs are unable to respond with the speed at which businesses grow and have long change intervals along with non-resilient architecture. Moreover, as the network grows, so do the costs of the bandwidth upgrades of MPLS circuits and refresh of customer premise equipment. Additionally, they result in poor user experience owing to outdated traffic patterns. Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) eliminates these challenges all at once.

What is SD-WAN?

An SD-WAN is a specific way in which Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is applied to WANs. It virtualizes the network intelligence functions using software and by decoupling the hardware from the control mechanism. This means that organizations enjoy minimum dependency on hardware, reduced complexity of configuration and lower costs, increased flexibility and agility that meets the organization’s growth, speed and simpler administration.

The smartBranch difference

Microland’s smart Branch offers fully managed SD-WAN solutions and services that seamlessly connects users and applications regardless of hosting locations.

The smart Branch SD-WAN solutions make use of all forms of telecom transport and is independent of any given carrier. This means that different branch locations have continuous connectivity without traffic restrictions while having operational simplicity, flexibility and scalability as per organization needs. With cutting edge Network Function Virtualization enabled,smart Branch unifies several Security & Network features into a single WAN edge device thus enabling seamless public & private cloud connectivity in a secure manner. smart Branchalso offers full branch support starting from WAN edge, through the LAN to the individual desktop. Additionally, what differentiates Microland’s SD-WAN solution from solutions of other SD-WAN vendors is the holistic integration of security and routing policy with enterprise IT systems.

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