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Prominence of Marketing Automation and its Agency Engagement Landscape

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by Sravani Reddy P
12 November 2014

Marketing technology is playing a very crucial role from the past decade. Among all the marketing technologies, marketing automation is an area of interest for every marketer that helps in managing and deploying marketing campaigns effectively by targeting the leads. This article looks into different types of supplier engagements and explains how companies can source marketing automation services across regions based on their supplier maturity. Introduction: While many marketers' focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Inbound Marketing to improve the website traffic and generate inbound leads, marketing automation helps marketing and sales departments automate marketing tasks and help improve conversion rates and staff productivity while reducing human error rates across all the digital marketing channels. Hence, marketers today are adopting marketing automation that helps them in obtaining information at each stage of customer buying process. Through this, marketers could follow the customers and help them in guiding with relevant and timely information about their services. If you are able to follow this discussion then this would exactly what every company would look into, as this helps in understanding the pros and cons of engaging with digital marketing agencies and marketing automation providers. This would ultimately drive companies in deciding a strategy to source marketing automation services effectively.   Author: Sravani Reddy P

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