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Print Management Outsourcing: cost savings and optimizing marketing communications

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by Anurag Anwariya
30 December 2014

Until now different departments such as marketing, Finance, HR etc. of the FBT/CPG, pharmaceutical companies were under taking the print task by themselves. With this decentralized and lack of expertise approach the cost expenditure of the companies was shooting up. To mitigate this problem print management outsourcing came into existence. It involved adoption of the centralized approach and outsourcing all print related tasks to the company which specializes in this field. Ultimately the result of such practice was 10-15% of the cost savings, increased focus on the core activities, more transparency and accountabilities etc. The article uses the example of one of the major Print management company - HH Global. It shows how companies can leverage on the volume discounts, technology and domain expertise while engaging with such kind of agencies. �Too many cooks� can result in higher complexity which can increase cost, increase the possibility of inconsistency if all vendors are not coordinated well, and significantly slow down production and dissemination of content and assets.   Author: Anurag Anwariya

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