Pre-Packed Disposable Chromatography - Available Options and Cost Effectiveness


By: Vaishnavi Loganathan --

22 March, 2015

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Pre-Packed Disposable Chromatography - Available Options and Cost Effectiveness

The use of pre-packed chromatography columns in biological drug manufacturing is increasing rapidly. The increase of monoclonal antibody manufacturing and the use of single-use equipment in bio manufacturing are the major drivers which are contributing to the growth of this market. Buyers are more attracted to the flexibility and the convenience offered by these columns. Availability of columns which support large scale manufacturing has changed the adoption rate of these chromatographic columns in the market. There are also huge amount of cost savings that are attached to the use of pre-packed disposable columns. This article discusses how the market for pre-packed disposable columns have changed over the years and the various cost benefits that can be achieved. Introduction Chromatography is one separation technique which is being used in downstream processing for many years now. The introduction of pre-packed disposable chromatographic columns has brought in a lot of innovations in this space over the last four to five years. The adoption of pre-packed disposable columns has been initially slow but given the convenience and the flexibility over the traditional columns these columns have gained the attention of biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The advantages of pre-packed disposable chromatography columns include:

  • Operational flexibility
  • Reduced labor for cleaning and validation
  • Availability of expert packed and validated columns



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