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Pork Industry -Russia, a Silent Performer

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by Anil Kumar D
12 November 2014

Russia accounts for mere 3% of the global pork meat supply but has been outpacing the global averages with its whooping growth rates. Nearly 25% of its consumption is currently met with imports. With the nation's robust growth rate and accelerated steps towards attaining self-sufficiency, the country is soon to emerge as a net exporter to the world from its current importer stature. In the short term this would hit the nations like EU, Canada and US, which currently supply pork meat to Russia. For the global buyers, this is an immediate opportunity to look for renegotiating contracts in terms of pricing and supply volumes. In the long run, Russia is prone to emerge as a net exporter to the world. This would create a new opportunity for sourcing pork meat for global buyers. The following article elaborates on Russian current industry and market dynamics and its future growth potential and their implications on global pork meat trade and sourcing opportunities.   Author: Anil Kumar D

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