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Petcoke sourcing strategies - A comparison between Refiners & Traders

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by Kholiya Kamlesh Kewal
12 November 2014

There is a lot of ambiguity over availability of reliable supply of fuel grade petcoke from key sourcing regions. There are two ways of engaging with petcoke suppliers - Refiners and Traders. This article deals with elaborating on the best preferred conditions for engaging with both parties, and how this information facilitates in deciding the best way forward for region wise petcoke sourcing strategy. In regions like Middle-East, Africa & South-east Asia, the visibility of supply is low primarily due to low maturity of the market and low maturity of the refiner. There are 6 indicators that have an impact on the maturity of the petcoke market. The study finds that it is preferable to engage with traders where the market maturity is low, and effectively reduce the risk of supply disruptions from these regions.   Author: Kholiya Kamlesh Kewal

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