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New Challenges in Managing Construction Supply Chain

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by Swathi Ilango
29 June 2015

Handling supply chains in the construction industry needs great efforts. As it can lead to roadblocks which can in turn develop throughout the chain. Multiple roadblocks lead to higher project costs, wastage of materials and a lower quality of the accomplished structure. But these critical points can be avoided by making certain timely and important choices in logistical planning. This article helps all construction planners to avoid barriers in managing their supply chain. Introduction Current sourcing strategy has become more planned and well-designed because of which accountable sourcing has become quite reachable, cheers to new sustainable materials and technologies. Focusing on supply chain improves the timelines of the building process and also the overall end product. Lot of supply chain facets can be improved by reducing the carbon emitted during the transport of raw materials and equipment's. This paper brings into lime light lot of innovative ways of improving the supply chain process by using the current advancement in technology effectively.   Author: Swathi Ilango  

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