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Make construction supply chain effective through sustainable products and carbon emission curbs

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by Swathi Ilango
1 January 2017


Supply chains in the construction industry needto be handled withgreat effort; any roadblockcould affect the entire chain. Multiple roadblocks lead to higher project costs, wastage of materials and a lower quality of the accomplished structure. However, these stumbling blocks could be avoided with certain timely and important choices in logistical planning. This article helps all construction planners to avoid barriers in managing their supply chain.


Current sourcing strategy has become more planned and well-designed because of which accountable sourcing has become quite attainable with new sustainable materials and technologiesin place. Focusing on supply chain improves the timelines of the building process and also the overall end product. The different aspects of supply chain can be improved by reducing the carbon emission due to transport of raw materials and equipment.This paper turns the spotlight on the innovative ways of improving the supply chain process by using the current advancement in technology effectively.

Strategic conveyance of materials

According to a recent study,around 6to8percentof total greenhouse gas (carbon) emitted from a construction project is from the transport of materials. A construction project’s carbon emission starts even before the actual construction begins. The initial emission of greenhouse gas is just a fraction of the total project emission.However, this initial emission is easier to control through proper planning. As a first step,a company may choosea cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of transportfor shifting material.Transportation through railor wateris more ecofriendly than by road or air. Technological advancement has made freight trains more effective. While a ton of freight can be moved for more than 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel, anaverage semi-truck, however, coversonly 6.5 miles per gallon.

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