Just in Time Packaging and labeling & Clinical Trials


By: Rahul Sodhi --

23 April, 2015

Just in Time Packaging and labeling & Clinical Trials

Clinical supply chain is under intense pressure for better management due to factors like globalization of clinical trials and increase of triple blinded clinical studies. Traditional supply chain practices don't allow for flexibility in shipments for medication kits as they are packaged and labeled in central depot. This has led to an increase in clinical wastages to the tune of 40-60%. However, if options for flexibility are provided to an investigator then these high wastages can be cut down and R&D investments from Pharma Companies can be streamlined. This can be done if organizations can bring packaging and kitting of medication drugs nearer to clinical trial sites. This will also assist clinical supply chain vendors to plug supply-demand mismatch for majority of trial sites. Just-in-time (JIT) Packaging and Labeling is considered to be one of the solutions for achieving greater control over clinical trial supplies. This article talks in detail about it and how can pharma companies benefit out of it.


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