Importance of Selecting the ‘Best Fit’ Venue for Events


By: Srivatsan V -- Research Analyst, Professional Services

21 February, 2018

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Importance of Selecting the ‘Best Fit’ Venue for Events


One of the most intricate and important decisions an event professional faces is choosing a venue for the meeting. There is a growing shift in event professionals’ and attendees’ demands from a venue. There are various factors, such as technological infrastructure, budget and location which influence the decision for selecting a venue. Most of the event planners research their venues on search engines and learn more through word of mouth. Tools, such as online venue listings, social media and online request for proposals are comparatively less utilized. Technology is changing the way event professionals select venues. Venue selection through mobile applications and other technology platforms is making the process smoother. 

This article will provide insights on the importance of selecting the right venue and various factors to consider while selecting a venue.

  • Importance of selecting the right venue
  • Key benefits of selecting the right venue
  • Challenges faced while finding the right venue  
  • Role of technology in venue selection
  • Factors to consider before selecting a venue
  • ‘Unusual venues,’ the new type   


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