IFM suppliers and integrated service model in lab space


By: Amit Pratap Singh Rathore --

01 January, 2017

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Procurement teams are looking for consolidation and earning cost savings accounting to economies of scale. Laboratory equipment maintenance space has shown new opportunities of consolidation with the entrance of IFM players in this field. The article is focused on the opportunity and limitation of the Integrated Service Model for Laboratories.

IFM Suppliers and Integrated Service Model in Lab Space

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) service providers assist the user of the built environment by bundling the essential managementfunctions and associated support services to support the overall business of the user. The IFM suppliers are trying to claim the lab services space which is anticipated to increase as the IFM industry matures. IFM suppliers are offering an integrated service model which includes.


•Contract Service Providers

•Mobile Self Performance Teams

•On Site Self Performance Teams

The IFM suppliers, acting as the prime provider of laboratory services, seeks to optimize the use of on-site staff for the delivery of services as it provides the most time effective support while enabling cross functional utilization of resources to optimize cost effectiveness and drive savings for customers.


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