iOS vs. Android Mobile Devices in Enterprise Mobility


By: Chandra Shekhar Sharma -- Research Analyst

20 April, 2018

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iOS vs. Android Mobile Devices in Enterprise Mobility


iOS and Android are the two widely adopted OS platforms for mobile devices, with the features to store and deliver highly secure and encrypted data in an enterprise. The usage of iOS and Android platforms is growing significantly across industries, such as Banking, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and Information Technology etc. iOS is the most widely adopted among enterprises, with a share of 69%. It is followed by Android and Windows, with a share of 28% and 3%, respectively, in 2016.
Why iOS and Android?
• Research shows that iOS and Android continue to be the market leaders in the enterprise mobility area. 65% of iOS activations during 2016 were contributed by iPhones. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were the most popular devices among enterprise users. The release of each new device and operating system version by iOS and Android mobile OEMs witnesses the inclusion of more advance features and tools for enterprise mobile security.
• The sectors deploying iOS are those, such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Public Sector, which have regulating authorities. Usage of Android devices is dominant in sectors, such as Energy, Transportation, Hi-tech, manufacturing and more. However, Android lags far behind iOS in terms of its usage by enterprises.


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