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Ensuring cost savings through right mix of media concessionaires

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by Sravani Reddy
1 January 2017

Top clients across industry sectors such asBFSI, CPG, and technology view airport advertising as a powerful and effective environment to target different types of audience such as tourists, business executives and regular mass travelers. According to Outdoor Media Centre Research, 85percent of the passengers are open to find out details on new products and services based on advertisements in airports as there would be an average dwell (waiting) time of 2.5 hours. Hence, top clients across industry sectors are increasing their spend in airport advertising.

Buyers interested in purchasing media slots in airports approach media concessionaireswho hold the right to sell the advertising space. Most of the airport media space is sourced through global intermediaries such as JCDecaux and Clear Channel Communications. It is highly important for the buyers to identify alternate media concessionairesgiven the consolidated nature of the market. This helps to avoid higher dependency on these two media concessionairesand understand the best ways to engage with global and regional media concessionaires.

The airport media concession industry globally is dominated by JCDecaux and Clear Channel Communications with a global market share of 46percent. These concessionairescover major metro markets in developed markets. For instance, JCDecaux has 148 concessions in international airports including North Americawhere it has concessions in 24 airports. There are also certain regional media concessionairessuch as Alliance andPattison with presence infew international airports in the U.S. and Canada.

In Latin American and Asian markets, buyerscould avail an opportunity to have maximum coverage of international airports by engaging with regional media concessionairessuch as Pattison, Alliance Airport Advertising, Indoormidia and TDI India.

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