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Coconut Cider - a Promising Product in the Waiting

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by Vimalan
10 September 2013

Coconut cider one of the niche products obtained from the Coconut plantations is extracted from the tree blossoms. It is a mutually exclusive product for coconut oil as the trees used for tapping cider are cannot bear fruits and nuts. With coconut oil prices facing stiffer competition from increased supplies of crude palm kernel oil from Indonesia, Philippine plantation and farming community are highly dis-incentivized to increase the supply of copra and coconut oil. Coconut cider has been certified as healthier product against Apple cider, which is the leader in Cider market. Being niche product with limited consumer awareness and brand recognition, the product still lags behind as compared to apple cider. Farmer profit realizations from cider are nearly 20 folds higher as compared to coconut oil which encourage industry towards coconut cider production. For Cider industry players, it is the right opportunity for backward integration with players from South East Asian plantations who are looking for marketing avenues for this product.

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