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01 January, 2017

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As a modern procurement leader, you have many responsibilities. As part of your expanding role, you must confront rapid change and market uncertainty. You must evolve, innovate, and optimize. And most of all, you must capture opportunities for creating and driving value.

In today’s environment, this journey entails keeping cost reduction and risk management as top priorities. But, this must be done while also looking to new market expansion and continued product development, increasing cash flow, expanding via acquisition, and increasing capital expenditures.

Procurement leaders have taken note.

In fact, the recently issued 2017 Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey,* which captured feedback from 480 procurement leaders in 36 countries, found that these are the top priorities for CPOs.

However, the world of procurement is filled with competing priorities and objectives that are often pushed aside due to resource limitations, day-to-day fire drills, and other internal challenges.

To make progress in addressing this year’s key CPO priorities, you need help.

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