Cell Therapy: Next Go in Biologics


By: Vaishnavi Loganathan --

12 November, 2014

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Cell Therapy: Next Go in Biologics

Traditional drugs have always been derived from small molecule sources. But the current market is witnessing a large number of biologic drugs hitting the market and also in the pipeline. E.g. Sanofi's pipeline in 2011 consisted of 60% biologics, whereas in 2013 the pipeline consisted of 80% biologics. Some part of it also represents cellular and gene therapeutics. Cell therapy is another class of drugs which is gaining traction at present. A large number of development activities are underway and a good number of them have also attained commercial success. This article discusses how cell therapy is expected to transform the therapeutic space and how Big pharma companies and Cell therapy contract manufacturers look at this shift. It also discusses about the initiatives taken form the manufacturer's end and how the government supports the industry as a whole. Therefore the contents of this article will help understand the current status of cell therapy industry and also give a futuristic view to the category manager.   Author: Vaishnavi Loganathan


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