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Buyers need to be cautious when optimizing electronic security services

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by Aravindh Swamy N , Research Analyst, Facilities Management
1 January 2017


It is often a very challengingdecision to choose the right security strategy foran organization. Companies have been looking atsecurity services as two different verticals, manned guarding and electronic security. In the case of electronic security systems, companies tend to focus individually on certain aspectssuch as biometric, CCTV, and access control,whereasan efficient security service in an organization shouldfocus on anintegrated solutionfor security services rather than focusing only on certain facetsof electronic securityspectrum.Also, manned guarding and electronic security systems have to be integrated to achieve maximum efficiency. This article will discuss about various means bywhich the electronic security services can be optimized in an organizationwith the help of security system integrationto achieve optimumefficiency.


Increase in globalization has increased the necessity for efficient security systems in most of the organizations to protect physical assetsandworkforce. Companies have started to operate in a number of locations which are exposed to problems such as political unrests, terrorism and workplace violence. The security systems have to be designed in a more sophisticated way to coordinate proper vigilance in the workplace. Also, with increasing threats from cyber security attacks, the existing security systems in the companies have to be more integrated to attain maximum efficiencywith the help of analytics, mobile security, remote monitoring, etc.The existing security systems in most of the organizations are being run in discrete platforms. This has to be integrated into asinglebroader technological platform to detect risks and intervene at an early stage.Security integration is primarily among credentialing, access control and enhanced situational awareness. Deployment of standardized integrated security systems is now possible on a largerscale with the help of IP-based technology and systemintegrators.This would help many companies to centralize their security system.

2.Managing “Credentialing”and “Access Control”:

Outsourcing services such as security has become a solution for many companies to save cost, asthe entire service will be managed by third party service providers. The companies just need to enter into an agreement with the service provider either through a fixed or cost plus model. But the recent technologies in terms of integrated security systems have the capability to make work easier for a company to manage their security service.

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