Natural Trends Evolving in Cosmetics - A light on Moringa Oil


By: Vaishali Ramesh --

27 September, 2015

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Natural Trends Evolving in Cosmetics - A light on Moringa Oil

Global cosmetic industry is close to USD 200 billion market with skin care accounting for more than one third in share. Established and matured regions account for nearly 50% of the market share which are increasing their emphasis on natural products with changing consumer preferences. As the industry is evolving towards natural based raw material and ingredients, industry and procurement emphasis is higher towards sourcing opportunities and securing raw material sustainability. In this quest on natural raw material ingredients, this article emphasizes on the procurement dimensions of one such exotic product - Moringa Oil, its availability, common industry practices and global trade and sourcing opportunities. Introduction Cosmetic Industry - Demographics and Market by segmentation Global cosmetics industry is growing at an average of 4.2% in the last five years driven by the steady demand from both emerging and mature markets. Together, China, Brazil and the US account for nearly 50% of the industry growth. The beauty market is estimated to double in size in the next 10-15 years with increased emphasis on natural and organic products and techniques borrowed from Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China. Together skin and hair care applications account for almost 60% of the total cosmetic sales with Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America acting as the prime demand regions with nearly 75% market reach.   Author: Vaishali Ramesh


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