Packaging Innovation A rugged road to success


By: Beroe Inc. --

08 July, 2014

Packaging Innovation A rugged road to success

Package formats, especially in consumer products space has gone through an array of changes over the recent past. Brand owners, who in the past decade had focused primarily on product safety and visual appeal, have elevated their focus to improving sustainability while regulating cost. The future, however, is in the hands of brands that could come up with innovative packaging formats, providing interactive, smart, and user convenient packages. Bringing an innovative package into the market comes with a multitude of procurement challenges. Sherjin Joel and Malligeswari P, Beroe's packaging experts have addressed various challenges faced by the consumer products industry in package innovation in this webinar. They have also discussed steps to overcome those challenges in innovation, lead times, procurement strategies, supplier selection, package compliance, outsourcing pattern and so on.


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