Medical Device 2020: Opportunities exceeding challenges


By: Beroe Inc. --

23 September, 2014

Medical Device 2020: Opportunities exceeding challenges

Medical devices market has managed to grow consistently over the past 20 years. Though the market like all the other is not recession-proof, it certainly is recession-resilient unlike most of the others within the healthcare sector. However, increasing cost of goods, capped reimbursement and looming taxes are declining margins forcing medical devices companies to focus on reducing controllable costs. Companies must continue to search for ways to leverage emerging markets for effective and efficient sourcing. Increased regulatory complexity, change in the operational structure of the suppliers and emergence of complementary technologies would require medical devices companies to harmonize their operations across different business segments. Medical devices procurement is no longer limited to raw materials purchase but extends to various facets of the value chain. Watch Janani Narasimhan and Chanderkanth Gautam, Beroe's Pharma experts, when they discuss the intricacies of these trends and the parts that would re-define the Medtech sector in terms of capabilities and business results.


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