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Espresso LiVE: Sustainable Procurement Pledge

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by Sakthi Prasad , Content Director
12 May 2020

Amidst the sea of negative news during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, one positive headline stood out: Air pollution and CO2 emissions fell rapidly as the virus went global, primarily caused by reduced traffic and social activities.

Needless to say, air quality is expected to return to its prior state (i.e., bad) when the shutdown ends and normalcy is restored -- and when it returns the pollution will impose both Health and Economic costs.

It is time for every individual to take responsibility toward protecting the environment. This statement sounds lofty, but have we considered whether it is possible for us to implement it in our day-to-day lives, especially in our work lives as Procurement professionals?

Thomas Udesen, the CPO of Bayer and Bertrand Conqueret, CPO of Henkel discuss how best to incorporate sustainability initiatives in our day-to-day life.

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