Alternate engagement model for supplier base management in pharma


By: Beroe Inc. --

22 July, 2014

Alternate engagement model for supplier base management in pharma

The sunset of the blockbuster era and increasing demand for more low-costs generics is expected to change the dynamics of CMO and API business in the near future. With the availability of quality outsourcing partners, pharma companies are increasingly relying on CMOs for API and formulation. They are also moving from tactical to more strategic engagements with their suppliers. In addition to it, they are now looking for opportunities to consolidate the suppliers.

During the webinar Owais Shah and Pradeep Kasirajan, Beroe's pharma industry experts, have shared insights on how the growing supply base is a concern for global pharma companies and the current strategies employed by the big pharma companies to manage their supply base. They have further discussed and evaluated an alternate approach that category managers could follow for consolidating their supplier base and improve overall supplier base management for their categories.


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