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Bridging The Value Chain - The Pedigree Way

Source: Pharmalive.com

Serialization – Need of the Hour

Lack of global co-operation on agreement with one common technology over the years has delayed the process of serializing the drugs. By and large, majority of the regions have come up with consensus to have a Unique level Identification Code (UIC) on unit level pharmaceutical products. With almost 40% of drugs being fake in the developing markets like Turkey, China and Argentina; these countries have been the prime movers in serializing drugs. However every region has its own technology and deadlines to meet the same. For e.g. China, one among the early movers implemented linear code serialization instead of 2D-style packaging. Other markets will be following the suite in coming years and that includes South Korea, Brazil, the U.S, and the EU. The requirements and guidelines for serialization are country specific, which is why pharmaceutical companies operating internationally need flexible solutions to meet the regulation.


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