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Beroe presents at Asia Conference Review, Singapore on 21st, March 2016

Source: Asiainsurancereview.com

Abhipsa Samantra has been invited to speak at the 11th Annual Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance in Singapore. The conference will be attended by industry luminaries such as Gerald Sun (VP Commercial Payments, Asia Pacific, and Master Card), Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux (Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific Health Reinsurance Markets, AXA Healthcare Management), Sharad Mathur (Senior Vice President & Head – Agency, Digital & Alternate Channel and SBI General Insurance)

Abhipsa will be speaking on Healthcare 2.0: Integrated Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), i.e. Specialty Healthcare Centers & Private Health Insurance Exchange (PHIX) Shaping the Health Insurance Landscape

This will cover

1. Integration of ACO with HIX, will drive more value for insurance firms such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana and other leading health insurance firms

2. Employers/ employees achieve value based health-care with sustainable cost savings in the new model

3. Futuristic implications of ACO-HIX partnership model on the Health Insurance Industry and employers/employees

Abhipsa is a Lead Analyst, Insurance & Financial Services at Beroe. Her area of expertise is Insurance and with special interest in Sourcing strategies, innovative practices and Cost Savings opportunities in Insurance Services for CPG, Pharma, Retail and Financial Services verticals amongst F500 clientele. She enables procurement decision making that influences spends of about 10-20 Million USD, at Fortune 500 companies.


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