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Agilent Technologies selects Beroe to Elevate Procurement Excellence

Source: Beroe Inc.

RALEIGH, N.C – Oct 26, 2023: Beroe, a leading provider of procurement intelligence and analytics, announced that it has been selected by Agilent Technologies, a global leader in analytical and clinical laboratory technologies, to enable Agilent’s procurement team to make smarter sourcing decisions.

Agilent Technologies will harness Beroe's expertise in procurement intelligence and data-driven solutions to augment its sourcing prowess. Beroe's AI-powered procurement intelligence platform, Beroe LiVE.Ai will empower Agilent to make well-informed procurement decisions, reduce costs, and elevate overall procurement efficiency.

"We are excited to embark on this journey with Agilent Technologies, a visionary leader in its industry," said Vel Dhinagaravel, CEO of Beroe Inc. "Our collaboration will empower Agilent to optimize their sourcing decisions, reduce costs, and drive procurement excellence through data-driven insights."

Beroe’s AI-powered platform, Beroe LiVE.Ai brings together data, intelligence, and insights across market, supply chain, category, supplier, cost, risk, and price under a single umbrella, enabling Procurement Organizations to minimize risk and maximize opportunities. Over the past three years, Beroe has successfully helped numerous clients navigate supply uncertainty, find alternate suppliers, optimize procurement processes, and address ESG challenges through its platform, Beroe LiVE.Ai.

To learn more about Beroe LiVE.Ai, please visit - https://www.beroeinc.com/beroe-live-ai/

About Agilent Technologies:

Agilent Technologies is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Committed to innovation, the company delivers cutting-edge technology solutions that empower customers across diverse industries to advance research, enhance patient outcomes, and boost productivity.

About Beroe:

Beroe is a global SaaS-based procurement intelligence and analytics provider. We deliver intelligence, data, and insights that enable companies to make smarter sourcing decisions – leading to lower cost, reduced risk, and greater profits. Beroe has been a trusted source of intelligence for more than 15 years and presently partners with 10,000 companies worldwide, including 400 of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information about Beroe Inc., please visit https://www.beroeinc.com/.

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