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20 September, 2022

World’s Top 50 Procurement Organizations – 2022

A total of 51 companies have been awarded the Procurement Best-in-Class awards. Th..

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04 September, 2022

Getting Procurement Analytics Right

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Harold Hendrickx, ex-NATO officer and curren..

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21 August, 2022

Moving from a Process-Driven to a Relationship-Driven World

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Accenture CPO, Kai Nowosel, talks about the ..

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07 August, 2022

Recession Probability

Dr. Rob Handfield, distinguished professor of supply chain at North Carolina State..

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24 July, 2022

New Operating Model

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, UCB CPO, Sebastien Bals, talks about the new..

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17 July, 2022

Digital Procurement Overview

Beroe’s Head of Content, Sakthi Prasad, speaks with Lance Younger, CEO of co..

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19 June, 2022

Building a New Procurement Team

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Chalhoub Group’s Head of Procurement, ..

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05 June, 2022

Conversation with Nick Wildgoose Nuances of Supply Chain Insurance

Beroe’s Head of Content, Sakthi Prasad, speaks with Nick Wildgoose, a Supply..

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22 May, 2022

Commodities Super Cycle

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Atlantic Grupa’s Head of Procurement, ..

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08 May, 2022

The Procurement Beige Book

The Procurement Beige Book shows whether the current conditions are favorable, unf..

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24 April, 2022

Why Emerging Technology Initially Disappoint?

Beroe spoke to Prof ManMohan S. Sodhi, Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Ma..

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03 April, 2022

Procurement Function moving towards delivering capabilities

Beroe spoke with Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice..

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20 March, 2022

China – Taiwan Tensions: Supply Chain Impact

Chinese military pressure on Taiwan has intensified and concerns of a war erupting..

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06 March, 2022

Ukraine – Russia War: Category Impact

Russia shocked the world by launching a full-scale invasion into Ukraine. Ber..

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20 February, 2022

Category Management = Competitive Advantage

In an exclusive interview, Erik Stavrand talks about how Category Management, if p..

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06 February, 2022

Conversation with Jacob Gorm Larsen Beware of Shiny New Digital Object!

In this episode, Jacob Gorm Larsen, former Head of Digital Procurement at AP Molle..

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23 January, 2022

Supply Managers should create contingencies

In this exclusive article, CAPS Research Executive Director, Bryan Fuller, examine..

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09 January, 2022

Category Forecast 2022

Global manufacturing activity remained strong in December 2021 as factories manage..

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05 December, 2021

Interview: “Our aim is for end users to have a great experience”

In this exclusive interview, Roche Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Marielle Beyer..

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14 November, 2021

Interview: “At first, we faced a lot of No’s from suppliers”

In this exclusive interview, Philip Morris International CPO, Hafed Belhadj, talks..

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31 October, 2021

Interview: Just-in-Time is here to stay

Beroe spoke to ManMohan S. Sodhi, Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Managem..

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17 October, 2021

CPO Handbook: Inflation and Supply Shortages Challenge

As per Beroe analysis, over 500 commodities have witnessed price rise of more than..

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03 October, 2021

Procure-to-Pay: Overcoming implementation Challenge

In this first episode of Beroe Podcast “The Source”, veteran Procureme..

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19 September, 2021

Agile Procurement and its Applicability

Beroe spoke to Bernardo Nicoletti, an industry veteran and a Professor of Operatio..

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05 September, 2021

Excess Demand, Supply Shortages likely to last till 2022-23

Dr. Rob Handfield, Professor of Supply Chain Management at North Carolina State Un..

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22 August, 2021

World’s Top 50 Procurement Organizations -- 2021

The Top 50 Procurement Organizations for 2021 have been ranked by Beroe! If p..

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08 August, 2021

CPO Speak: Procurement as a Means to Build Public Confidence

In this exclusive article for the 99th edition of Procurement Espresso,..

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25 July, 2021

The Procurement Beige Book -- Q2 (April-June) edition

The Procurement Beige Book is a quarterly publication from Beroe that provides a s..

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11 July, 2021

Espresso LiVE: E-Auction - Procurement’s Best Friend

Jacob Gorm Larsen, the Head of Digital Procurement at Maersk Group, believes that ..

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20 June, 2021

Interview: Every dollar saved is going to research

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Sara Malconian, the Chief Procurement Office..

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06 June, 2021

Espresso LiVE -- Back-to-Office: Yay or Nay!

Dr. Rob Handfield and Adam Whitfield discuss the challenges and opportunities in m..

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23 May, 2021

Interview: Digital Transformation is more of a Business Transformation

Jacob Gorm Larsen, the Head of Digital Procurement at Maersk Group, has perhaps on..

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09 May, 2021

Back-to-Office Sentiment

For the past year or so, a majority of Procurement teams across the globe have bee..

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25 April, 2021

The Procurement Beige Book

Beroe’s Vice President, Valekumar Krishnan, decodes the sourcing conditions ..

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11 April, 2021

Interview: Procurement and Supply Chain Finance

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Professor Erik Hofmann said that Supply Chai..

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28 March, 2021

Mapping the acceleration of VC funding in Procurement

In a post-pandemic world where supply chains have to be strengthened and, indeed, ..

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14 March, 2021

Espresso LiVE: Women in Procurement -- Challenges and Opportunities

Tiffany Sen, the CPO of New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Michelle Baker, t..

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28 February, 2021

Interview: An ex-CPO invests in a start-up

In an Exclusive Interview with Beroe, Robert Driessen, co-founder of Buynamics, ta..

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14 February, 2021

Interview: 75% of supplier innovations come from startups

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Schneider Electric CPO, Dan Bartel, challeng..

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31 January, 2021

Interview: Procurement Job Market Getting Hotter

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, recruitment specialist Mark Holyoake talks a..

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17 January, 2021


If 2020 was all about managing the sudden disruption caused by the pandemic, 2021 ..

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13 December, 2020

Top Articles 2020

2020 has been a bizarre year. Out of nowhere, the COVID-19 pandemic had not only d..

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22 November, 2020

Emergent Supply Chain Challenges for Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccine

As we look forward with hope to the deployment of a vaccine or vaccines against CO..

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01 November, 2020

Interview: NY Met Museum CPO on Procurement as an Art Form

The CPO of the New York Metropolitan Museum, Tiffany Sen, told Beroe in an intervi..

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18 October, 2020

Procurement Beige Book - October 2020

Log on to Beroe LiVE and visit interesting reads -> Special Reports section to ..

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04 October, 2020

Interview: The Pandemic Has Accelerated the Need for Demand Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus back to Demand Management, a concept t..

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20 September, 2020

Espresso LiVE: Procurement Digitalization in a Post-Pandemic World

Dirk Karl (CPO) and his team at telecom giant MTN Group Ltd discuss whether invest..

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23 August, 2020

Taking Charge of Procurement in the Middle of the Pandemic

As per Beroe analysis, nearly 130 Procurement executives took charge of the functi..

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26 July, 2020

Interview: Procurement should not be the police department

The CPO of American Red Cross, Tom Nash, told Beroe in an exclusive interview that..

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12 July, 2020

Procurement Digitalization in a Post-Pandemic World

In the aftermath of Covid-19, whenever that is, Digital initiatives will gain even..

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28 June, 2020

Online Search Patterns: Supply Risk, Procurement Jobs, and Cost Savings

As millions stayed indoors, digital life saw a huge uptick. The question then is w..

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14 June, 2020

Video: Globalization vs Localization, lessons for Procurement

In this Exclusive Panel discussion, Tom Linton, Senior Advisor at Flex, and Dr. Ro..

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31 May, 2020

Interview: A Nimble Procurement Team Helped Mitigate Supply Disruption

In this Exclusive Interview, Nat Parameswaran, VP and Head of Global Procurement a..

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17 May, 2020

Procurement Conferences: Virtual Events Flavor of the Season

Conferences are a great place for networking. However, with travel practically com..

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03 May, 2020

Interview: We must treat climate change with the same urgency as other crises we are facing

In an Exclusive Interview with Beroe, Thomas Udesen, the Chief Procurement Officer..

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19 April, 2020

Mapping the CPO Response to COVID-19 as Global Recession Looms

We are in an economic downturn that has no parallels, and it will be much worse th..

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05 April, 2020

Procurement Beige Book - April 2020

Log on to Beroe LiVE and visit interesting reads -> Special Reports section to ..

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22 March, 2020

Beroe LiVE Survey: Companies face BCP Challenges as Coronavirus goes global

Amidst the great disruption to trade, business and normal way of life all across t..

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08 March, 2020

Interview: Responsible sourcing and risk management goes hand-in-hand

In an exclusive interview with Beroe, Laura Simmonds, the Head of Responsible..

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23 February, 2020

Coronavirus scare: China Goes into Pause Mode, Suppliers Remain Stoic

Over the past week or so, Beroe contacted over 100 suppliers in China, including n..

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26 January, 2020

Top Ten Supply Chain Trends -- 2020

In this guest post, NC State University’s Dr. Rob Handfield lays out top ten..

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12 January, 2020

Category Forecast - 2020

Beroe's Customer Success Leads -- in partnership with the research analysts --..

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15 December, 2019

Voice of Procurement

As 2019 draws to a close, here we present the top Interviews and External Contribu..

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01 December, 2019

Up In the Air: Tales of Travel

Procurement is mostly seen as a desk job. Not many know that sourcing managers tra..

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17 November, 2019

Interview: Tariffs are the new normal; Procurement to play key role in localization

Dr Rob Handfield, Professor of Supply Chain Management in NC State University, tel..

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03 November, 2019

Beroe Live Poll: Procurement Spend And Supplier Checks

We ran a poll among users of Beroe LiVE, a community of thousands of procurement d..

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20 October, 2019

Interview: “We are challenged by the government to improve efficiency”

Steven McLaughlin, NHS Scotland’s Head of Procurement, described to Beroe in..

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22 September, 2019

Interview: Ability to Tell Data-based Stories will be a Key Asset

In an interview with Beroe, Michelle Baker, the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) of..

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08 September, 2019

Interview: “We Support our Business Stakeholders like Internal Consultants”

In an interview with Beroe, Carlo Baus, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing at Bose ..

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18 August, 2019

Interview: Demand Management is Like Spending Your Own Money

In an Interview to Beroe’s Procurement Espresso, Jeremy Fry, a demand manage..

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04 August, 2019

Going Beyond Compliance to Drive Performance

In this exclusive article for Beroe’s Procurement Espresso, EcoVadis co-CEO ..

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21 July, 2019

CPO to CEO -- The Road Ahead

Tim Cook is arguably one of Procurement’s best ambassadors. Steve Jobs hired..

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07 July, 2019

What happens when assurance fails?

When suppliers lose the trust of the supply chains they depend on, it can have cat..

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23 June, 2019

The role of AI in Procurement

In the procurement vertical, AI is making a perceptible progress from being a deci..

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09 June, 2019

Interview: “I get to practice what I preach”

Kai Nowosel, the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) of Accenture, talks about his jou..

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12 May, 2019

Interview: A Digital Tool for Better Supplier Negotiations

Lubos Libiak, head of procurement at MALL Group -- a leading e-commerce platform i..

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28 April, 2019

Procurement Strategies for Cookware –China vs India

The global market for cookware is in a constant state of flux. There are an increa..

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28 March, 2019

Interview: UK businesses, not Parliament, bear the financial cost of Brexit

Brexit has been temporarily postponed. As things stand, it could happen either on ..

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17 March, 2019

Industrial Vending Machines transforming VMI in MRO sector

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has extended its scope to industrial vending machin..

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03 March, 2019

Blue Blood Alternative

Horseshoe Crab’s blue colored blood is used to detect endotoxins in drug pro..

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17 February, 2019

Getting the most out of your suppliers via Innovation

Procurement Organizations have several options to induce Supplier Innovation. Appr..

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03 February, 2019

Emerging Cities for Sourcing Centers

Procurement Organizations make great efforts to find a suitable location for their..

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20 January, 2019

UCB CPO on Stakeholder Management

Procurement has long been blamed for not fully understanding the business needs , ..

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06 January, 2019

Category Forecast 2019

Log on to Beroe LiVE and visit Interesting Reads -> Special Reports section to ..

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02 December, 2018

Poll: Sourcing Managers Expect Annual Cost Savings of up to 5 percent

We ran a poll among users of Beroe LiVE, a community of thousands of Procurement d..

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18 November, 2018

Interview: Simplicity was the key to transform Facilities Management

Multinational consumer goods and tobacco company, Imperial Brands, had won the Sil..

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04 November, 2018

Specification Harmonization can help evaluate suppliers

We have observed that the desired savings are not being captured despite spend con..

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21 October, 2018

Robust supplier audit process is a must

Audits, by their nature, need to be carried out by independent bodies -- not influ..

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07 October, 2018

Supplier Compliance is ripe for tech disruption

While many service providers offer cloud-based technology, none so far offers an o..

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23 September, 2018

The Procurement Beige Book

The comprehensive report first of its kind - demonstrates whether the current cond..

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09 September, 2018

Interview: Bayer CPO on his team winning Best-in-Class Gold award

Beroe recently interacted with Bayer CPO Thomas Udesen after the pharma giant won ..

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26 August, 2018

Robust workflow architecture key to Spend Analysis exercise

Beroe recently interacted with SimPPLY, a spend analytics solutions provider based..

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12 August, 2018

Leaders’ Corner: Category Lifecycle Management in Five Steps

Thierry Fausten of Cranfield University School of Management writes that Category ..

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29 July, 2018

Beroe LiVE Poll: Expected cost savings for 2018

We ran a poll among users of Beroe LiVE, a community of thousands of Procurement d..

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15 July, 2018


Selective technological interventions to address operational inefficiencies can al..

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01 July, 2018


It’s usually tough for business stakeholders to accept that someone else wou..

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17 June, 2018

Best-in-Class 50 (2018 Edition)

Companies that do well on the procurement front also tend to create more value for..

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03 June, 2018

Extend payment terms without hurting suppliers

If planned well, a firm’s supply chain can act as a source of inexpensive ca..

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20 May, 2018

Six Steps to transform Capex Procurement

Capital expenditure (Capex) has always been on top of every CFO’s agenda. Ho..

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06 May, 2018

Beroe LiVE Poll: Center-led model gaining traction

The differences between the operating models are often more nuanced than one might..

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22 April, 2018

Battery Shock: the brewing battle for Nickel Supplies

With the growth of electric vehicles, supply shortage is expected in the Class 1 N..

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08 April, 2018

Consulting Cost: Demystified

Globally, companies on an average spend more than $250 billion on management.


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18 March, 2018

Procurement’s Billion Dollar Impact

Patient Recruitment and Retention is an important step in the drug discovery proce..

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18 February, 2018

Key Role In Reducing Green House Gas Emissions

Amidst all debate around climate change, if one were to ask whether procurement or..

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04 February, 2018

Sourcing In The Age Of Distraction

As their profile rises, Procurement managers would find it tough to manage the sur..

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21 January, 2018

Special Reports - The Procurement Beige Book (Q4 2017)

The comprehensive report first of its kind - demonstrates whether the current conditi..

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07 January, 2018

2018 : Procurement Categories Forecast

As procurement organizations become more strategic, the power of market information w..

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03 December, 2017

Procurement: Glass Ceiling Cracked, Not Broken

Although women comprise 37 percent of the managerial cadre across procurement orga..

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19 November, 2017

Shop Online For Services Through E-catalogs

Catalog buying is becoming popular for high volume services, which cuts down the t..

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05 November, 2017

Key Role In Reducing Green House Gas Emissions

Amidst all debate around climate change, if one were to ask whether procurement or..

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22 October, 2017

Tequila How To Spot A Coming Crisis?

Agave, the feedstock used to make the famed Tequila drink, is in short supply sinc..

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09 October, 2017

Zen And The Art Of Supplier Management

According to a recent survey, 70 percent of suppliers said that a majority of thei..

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24 September, 2017

Procurement’s Halal Problem

As there is no single global standard, Halal compliance and supplier selection can em..

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03 September, 2017

The Procurement Beige Book (Q3 2017)

The comprehensive report first of its kind - demonstrates whether the current conditi..

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20 August, 2017

Battery Shock - The chase for lithium

Thanks to explosive growth of electric vehicles and other gadgets, the share of ba..

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06 August, 2017

Know Thy Washing Machine

The quirky tale of washing styles and sourcing impact.


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23 July, 2017

Is procurement ready for Big Data Analytics?

While most companies believe in the impact of big data analytics in their supply c..

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06 July, 2017

Gen Z And Procurement: Made For Each Other

They are willing to commit to a cause in exchange for a satisfying employee experi..

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