IT Asset Disposition

ITAD typical refers to secured disposition of IT assets by removing retired or non-working IT assets through a set of defined processes, which are compliant to regional and global environmental regulations. Organizations are advised for systematic implementation of inventory reconciliation, remarketing while recycle of obsolete IT assets. A well defined ITAD process may not only lower logistics costs but minimize the data security risk, while allows some value from retired/non-working IT assets. 

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    IT Asset Disposition market report transcript

    IT Asset Disposition Global Market Outlook


    GLOBAL MARKET SIZE (2022) -  $21 billion

    • The ITAD market is expected to grow at approx. 8 percent year-over- year, this is particularly due to growth in demand for e-gadgets, such as computers, laptops, mobile, tablets, and handheld devices. There is a shift towards more energy-efficient products and with the consolidated BYOD trend is fueling the market growth

    • A large number of businesses have adopted IT asset disposition services to assure effective asset disposal throughout the years, which has led to significant growth in the market for disposing of IT assets. The development of technologies, like big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and the shifting IT landscape have all contributed to the rise of e-waste

    IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) – Regional Market Share 2022

    • Global e-waste production in 2022 totaled 57.6 Mt, or 7.3 kg per person. E-waste generation is expected to increase by an average of 2 Mt annually to 74.7 Mt in 2030

    • Due to regulatory compliances, like NIST and HIPAA/HITECH, businesses must reassess their processes for managing the end-of-life of IT equipment

    • The correct disposal of computers and electronics is governed by a number of federal and state environmental and privacy standards and failure to do so may result in audits and hefty fines or penalties

    • The US and China are the major two countries with the largest ITAD revenue contribution globally

    • IT and Telecom industry is expected to be contributing majorly in ITAD revenue contribution followed by Media & Entertainment, BFSI etc.

    Market Drivers and Constraints : IT Asset Disposition

    Growing adoption of IoT, BYOD, Industry 4.0, smart factory environment have accelerated the demand for ITAD services, while regulatory requirement, govt policies and increasing awareness are some other major drivers


    Growing demand of refurbished/recycled equipment’s:

    • Refurbished IT equipment's allow organizations with cost-effective alternatives to organizations looking for cost reduction. Additionally every equipment are tested extensively to perform optimally while allows maximum flexibility in terms of customization.

    Stringent regulations and compliance for effective e-waste management:

    • Regulatory requirements for e-waste management may differ from countries, however some global standards such as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives) are becoming mandate, including some regulatory body such as Basel Convention restrict the dumping of e-waste from one country to another. Additionally GDPR regulations has to be abide in case of refurbished IT assets usage.

    Increasing awareness and push for sustainability efforts:

    • There is surge in increasing awareness towards environment protection, where all organizations are pushing hard towards sustainability. This has also worked in favor of ITAD services to enable organizations towards sustainability while managing their e-waste. 


    • Risk of data breaches: Data breaches may turn out very expensive, e.g. in the USA an average cost of data breach is $217 per record, where for each incident it may be ~$6.5 million, including loss of business, brand credibility at stake, loss of trade secrets etc. Organizations may consider to erase all data before shipping to an ITAD vendors or consider onsite hard drive destruction, while evaluate options such as chain of custody, how is IT assets going to be stored to ITAD vendors etc.

    • Risk associated with vendor selection: There have had been several cases where ITAD vendors have gone bankrupt or indicted for fraud, tax evasion, illegal storage or export of equipment. Some of these vendors have been R2 and e-Stewards certified as well. Organizations may look for vendors those protect all data while avoid any data breach, additionally they include hard drives of PCs, Laptops, Server and also hard drives in copiers. They are NIST 800-88 and DoD (defense of data) compliance for data erasure and also have capacity to erase multiple drives at the same time, while remove asset tags and any identifying marks before reselling. They also consider to provide FMV (fair market value) for IT assets.

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