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The Importance of Staying on Top of Supply Chain Disruptions

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by Beroe Inc
8 April 2024

organizations must concentrate on three key areas

Globalization’s rise has pushed supply chain resilience into the spotlight for industries worldwide. Recent developments have brought this issue into sharp focus. For instance, the unexpected collapse of the Baltimore Bridge in March 2024 and the Red Sea shipping crisis,  have drastically disrupted costs and delivery schedules. These incidents highlight the critical need for constant vigilance and the ability to adapt to supply chain disruptions.

To sidestep these risks effectively, organizations must concentrate on three key areas: achieving commercial excellence, preparing for unpredictability, and upholding corporate citizenship.

Commercial Excellence

Organizations achieve commercial excellence by optimizing their procurement processes. This requires not only forming beneficial supplier partnerships, but also aligning these relationships with the company’s demand management, policy compliance, and cost management strategies. Effective cost management involves reducing expenses or averting unnecessary outlays and managing inflation impact. Through foresight of macro risks, minute to minute spend visibility and strategic negotiation, procurement activities can directly reinforce the financial well-being of a company.

Preparing for the Unpredictable

The unexpected lies at the heart of procurement challenges. Suppliers might announce supply constraints, competitors could take actions that affect capacity, or geopolitical events might unfold, each affecting supply chains in different ways. For Chief Procurement Officers, the challenge lies in mastering the art of anticipation. By conducting detailed analyses, instituting refined warning systems, and maintaining adaptive strategies, organizations can get ahead of these surprises. Proactivity, rather than reactivity, is key in managing global supply chain dynamics.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship has become an increasing priority at the Board level, especially concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and diversity matters. When disruptions divert focus from procurement strategies, productivity declines, and costs often rise as teams spend time rerouting materials. So, embedding corporate citizenship into strategic planning allows organizations to address disruptions without neglecting broader societal and environmental duties.

Navigating a Globalized Supply Chain

The extensive nature of modern supply chains presents a complex web of potential disruptions, from fluctuating government policies to logistical hurdles. Distinguishing between minor alerts and significant threats is vital in this intricate network. Rather than merely setting up warning systems, organizations must finely calibrate these systems to detect real perils efficiently, ensuring alerts serve their purpose without causing operational overload.

How are you strengthening your supply chain against the unexpected? Whether strengthening traditional processes or implementing cutting-edge resilience strategies, every small modification can boost your supply chain’s overall robustness significantly.

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