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Pizza Hut Marks the Inauguration of its Landmark 3,000th Outlet in China

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by Sakthi Prasad , Director - Content
19 June 2023

Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, delivers a speech to mark Pizza Hut’s 3,000th store in China (Credit: Yum China)

Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, delivers a speech to mark Pizza Hut’s 3,000th store in China (Credit: Yum China)

Yum China Holdings recently opened its 3,000th Pizza Hut store in Qinhuangdao, a seaside city in the Hebei province, marking a noteworthy achievement in Pizza Hut's thriving 33-year presence in China.

The newly-established eatery boasts a breath-taking ocean view. In addition to offering a modern dining ambiance, it also features cutting-edge sustainability measures, which encompass an IoT-driven smart energy management system and solar-powered outdoor lighting. Furthermore, the restaurant's interiors utilize renewable and recycled materials, aiming to encourage customers to adopt a lifestyle that is ecologically responsible.

Joey Wat, Yum China's CEO, stated, "The inauguration of Pizza Hut’s 3,000th outlet is not just a numerical achievement in expansion; it is indicative of Pizza Hut's expertise in pizza-making and reaffirms our resolve to expand the brand within China. Moreover, it highlights our dedication to relentless innovation, which spans menu diversification, technological advancements, and the introduction of new store formats." He added, "We firmly believe in the brand's enormous growth prospects in China, and are determined to actively seek avenues to bolster the brand's presence."

Since launching its maiden outlet in Beijing in 1990, Pizza Hut has evolved into the most extensive casual dining restaurant chain in China in terms of revenue and number of locations.

Jeff Kuai, Pizza Hut China's General Manager, expressed, “Pizza Hut takes immense pride in pioneering the introduction of pizza and Western-style casual dining to China.” He continued, “From our initial store in Beijing to a network of 3,000 stores nationwide, we have consistently evolved alongside our patrons. Our unwavering commitment to culinary innovation and remarkable customer experiences will remain integral as we persist in expanding our footprint.”

Pizza Hut China’s menu is replete with an impressive array of pizzas, steaks, pastas, rice dishes, and other mouth-watering main courses, as well as starters, beverages, and desserts. With its ceaseless culinary creativity, Pizza Hut continues to consolidate its foothold in the pizza segment, and has also emerged as a prominent steakhouse in China.

Pizza Hut recently unveiled its eclectic 2023 menu, featuring 24 innovative items spanning 9 categories, including the Neapolitan-style meatball pizza and Cheese and pineapple roll.

In recent years, Pizza Hut China has also undergone a digital transformation. This entails the creation of a comprehensive digital infrastructure, growth in its membership, and enhancement in the customer experience. As of March 2023, Pizza Hut boasts over 135 million members in China, nearly twice the number recorded in 2019. In the first quarter of 2023, digital sales constituted about 91% of the total sales, a remarkable surge from 31% in 2019.

Additionally, Pizza Hut China utilizes its digital prowess to optimize sales and operations in its outlets. The company has implemented i-Kitchen, an AI and IoT-powered back-of-house operation management system, across all Pizza Hut outlets in China. This system aids managers in efficient inventory management, automates order sequences and production, and conducts food safety and quality assessments.

Over the span of 33 years, Pizza Hut China has cultivated a rich brand legacy, incessantly innovating and adapting to the dynamic preferences of consumers. As it forges ahead, the brand will continue to be propelled by the three cardinal pillars: strong branding, exceptional culinary offerings, and remarkable customer experiences.

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