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Peer Benchmarking is the need of the hour in Construction services procurement

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by Beroe Inc.
9 March 2015

Peer Benchmarking Construction Services Procurement

Construction management practices differ across the world. Currently, a majority of project owners are aware of how Construction Management (CM) services are procured within their respective organizations.

However, most, if not all, of them do not have much clarity on how their peer groups procure CM services. In other words, there are no readymade sources of information on how variety of buyers are making use of evolving contracting practices in the construction management spend area.

The non-availability of such reliable source of information means category managers are not in a position to effectively benchmark their procurement practices.

And absence of effective benchmarking can be a hindrance in the long run because category managers won't have sufficient information in case they want to compare and improvise their contracting practices.

During the Webinar scheduled for March 11, Beroe's Construction Management expert, Rita Williams, will address the information gap on best practices by providing a holistic view on how Construction Management services are handled by pioneering companies.

The webinar will also revolve around how best to leverage the CM services for different project types and in diverse geographies. This will help project owners formulate a view of how their approach to CM hold up against the procurement approach of other leading companies.

Key Takeaway

How has construction management evolved?
How construction management is different by geography - is geographic consolidation in procurement feasible?
What are contracting variations within CM that can be leveraged by project owners?
What are the contracting approaches adopted by leading companies? - case studies
What is the current contracting climate? What changes can be expected in the supplier market and how project owners can prepare to leverage these trends?

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