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LMS a Preferred Choice in Corporate Coaching Market Amid COVID-19

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by Beroe Inc
19 September 2021


Owing to the pandemic with online learning becoming widely prevalent, LMS integrated digital coaching technology is playing a pivotal role as one of the biggest growth drivers in the digital coaching service market.

The career coaching market size is huge with lots of global suppliers that offer myriad platform functionalities. The aim is to engage with a coaching service provider who manages their services through advanced platform solutions to achieve visibility and save on costs. This platform includes features like goal planning and tracking, coach or mentor management, vision wall, gamification, action-based micro-learning, analytics dashboard, and branding.

Clients can avail many opportunities like engaging with single or multiple worldwide coaching service providers with advanced technology that can be integrated with legacy HCM systems. The uniqueness of this coaching industry is that suppliers work with advanced technical specifications to support different kinds of coaching formats. The coaching service market has increased to a considerable size by sourcing potential suppliers with proprietary technology tools and dedicated indigenous certified coaches that are preferred by most in the market.

Coaching marketing trends indicate how many adopt a futuristic approach through extensive technology-based coaching modalities. Most telecommunication and IT-driven organizations are relying more on leadership training and coaching. The emphasis on empathetic leadership is now more as companies position their employees as brand ambassadors on social media platforms to gain attention. The modern coaching industry uses a centralized digital coaching management platform that automates the coaching process. 

The coaching market outlook has drastically changed post the outbreak of Covid-19. Owing to the crisis posed by the pandemic, digital coaching service is a widely procured service in the corporate coaching market. Performance coaching ideally focuses on developing an agile mindset and instilling in oneself self-leadership skills to stay strong and develop both personal and professional resilience. A guided coaching experience has a positive and enhancing effect on employee performance, which is why today’s companies train their employees to keep them engaged and interested in their jobs.

The coaching market size is now bigger with better learning infrastructure as advanced coaching solutions are being used to develop the market. LMS Integrated digital coaching technology is playing an important role in today’s digital coaching service market.

Coaching market trends now point towards adopting a new approach that involves artificial intelligence tools integrated into the LMS platforms. This tool augments the coaching capabilities of the workforce in today’s modern coaching network model. Action-based learning platform that delivers real, engaged learning experiences are playing a crucial role in today’s employee coaching market space.

The use of AI is now more evident in onsite coaching programs and public coaching workshops that have been affected by the crisis stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. Career coaching market size has now increased with most organizations taking strategic steps regarding the deployment of app-based coaching platforms to reduce the overall cost of various coaching programs. Digital coaching through LMS and other solutions is now a significant part of overall coaching supervision in large companies. The post-Covid market is now synonymous with tools including mobile-based coaching and a streamlined coaching management system.

Key Findings:

  • The modern coaching market outlook includes companies adopting digital coaching solutions.

  • Companies are conducting key formative and summative online assessments to gauge learner performance.

  • There’s a high preference for collaboration on virtual coaching at the organizational or domain level.

  • Fortune 500 companies prefer to have a single vendor for digital coaching services.

  • There’s an approach towards improving quality in mid-size to large companies.

  • There’s a high use of advanced coaching tools with features including file sharing, quick discussion forums, virtual activities, and well-integrated LMS to maintain high quality.


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