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Intel Unveils $4.6 Billion Investment for State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Facility in Poland

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by Sakthi Prasad , Director - Content
19 June 2023

Intel Unveils $4.6 Billion Investment

In anticipation of the imminent surge in demand for assembly and testing capabilities by 2027, Intel plans to establish a state-of-the-art semiconductor assembly and test facility near Wrocław, Poland, with an investment of approximately $4.6 billion, which is thoughtfully designed to accommodate potential future expansion.

In the light of recent global upheavals, there is a critical necessity for a resilient semiconductor supply chain. Intel endorses the European Union’s ambition to recapture 20% of global semiconductor manufacturing capacity by 2030 through its investments in Europe.

Upon completion, the facility is anticipated to employ roughly 2,000 Intel personnel and generate thousands of additional jobs through suppliers and temporary construction engagements. The design and planning phase for this establishment will kick off forthwith, with construction initiation subject to approval by the European Commission.

This venture in Poland, in conjunction with Intel’s existing wafer fabrication plant in Leixlip, Ireland, and the proposed one in Magdeburg, Germany, aims to establish an unprecedented and comprehensive semiconductor manufacturing chain in Europe. Furthermore, this investment is expected to invigorate the broader ecosystem and promote innovation in Poland and the European Union.

Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, remarked that Poland’s competitive manufacturing costs, robust infrastructure, and exceptional talent pool make it an ideal partner. He expressed gratitude to Poland and is enthusiastic about enhancing the local semiconductor ecosystem in line with the European Union’s objectives of a sturdy and sustainable semiconductor supply chain.

Poland's Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, lauded Intel for spearheading the most significant greenfield investment in Poland's history and highlighted the critical role of chips and semiconductors in modern technology. He voiced enthusiasm about bolstering Poland’s position in the global semiconductor supply chain.

The selection of Poland for this facility is attributed to its infrastructure, impressive talent base, and conducive business environment. Its proximity to Intel’s planned wafer fabrication site in Germany and the existing one in Ireland is advantageous for synergized operations and enhancing the resilience and cost-effectiveness of the European semiconductor supply chain.

Wafer fabrication facilities, or fabs, fabricate chips on silicon wafers through intricate chemical, mechanical, and optical processes. The assembly and test facility near Wrocław will receive finished wafers from fabs, segment them into individual chips, assemble these into end products, and conduct performance and quality testing before dispatch to customers. It will be capable of processing wafers and chips from Intel or other foundries.

The well-remunerated jobs created by this facility will encompass a spectrum of roles including engineers, factory operators, equipment technicians, and business support functions. The skilled workforce and academic excellence in Poland, particularly in engineering programs, have been instrumental in Intel’s success in the country for the past 30 years.

Intel is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and will uphold stringent environmental standards in this facility near Wrocław. The facility will be built adhering to green building norms, thereby reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.

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